About Us

The Wise County Public Service Authority (PSA) was established on September 9, 1969 and provides drinking water and wastewater utilities to residents of Wise County. The PSA was established under the Virginia Water & Waste Authorities Act. It is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 8 members selected by the Wise County Board of Supervisors.

Drinking water for the majority of PSA customers is supplied by the Carfax Regional Water Treatment Plant, rated to treat up to 2.0 million gallons per day. Some citizens in the areas to the north and east of Pound are supplied by Pound’s water plant or by the John Flannigan water plant. The PSA operates a widespread water distribution system throughout the County of Wise, providing water for residents outside town and city limits. This system consists of over 300 miles of water line (ranging in size from 2" to 14"), 13 booster pump stations, and 16 water tanks. The PSA currently has over 4500 water customers. The PSA also supplies water to portions of Dickenson County and is capable of providing water to most of the towns in Wise County as well as the City of Norton on an as-needed basis. The PSA also supplies raw water to the Virginia City Dominion Hybrid Power Plant for cooling.

Wastewater services are provided for just over 800 customers currently. Recently, the PSA has begun expansion of sewer service to additional areas. The PSA only provides collection services (except for Exeter and Imboden). Treatment is provided by other entities, including Coeburn-Norton-Wise Regional Wastewater Authority, the Town of Pound, and the Town of Big Stone Gap. Service is currently provided in the Stephens/Guest River section, Hurricane Rd area southwest of and near the Fairgrounds, the Josephine area near Norton, the Hamiltontown/Esserville area near Wise, and a number of the coal camps around Appalachia (Upper Exeter, Lower Exeter, Imboden, Derby, Roda/Osaka, and Stonega). Service to Tacoma is forthcoming. Further expansions are being studied and will be constructed as funding allows.