Solid Waste

The Wise County Public Service Authority is now offering solid waste (garbage) collection to both residential and commercial customers across Wise County. This service is available to residents and businesses not located in the corporate limits of a town or city in Wise County. 96-gallon cans for residences and businesses will be collected one day per week, while dumpsters for business customers will be collected per the # of days selected.


Check your address for pickup day and coverage: Coverage Map


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The following rules apply to solid waste (trash) customers as detailed in the user agreement:

  • The Authority shall furnish, subject to the limitations in the Authority’s current and future rules and regulations, such services as provided for above.
  • The Authority shall provide the selected solid waste receptacle to the customer. Customer shall be responsible for repair and/or replacement of solid waste receptacle outside of normal wear and tear.  The Authority has the final authority in deciding and applying charges necessary for repair/replacement.
  • The Customer understands any receptacles (cans or dumpsters) provided by the Authority remain the property of the Authority and shall not be moved from the service address listed. The receptacle shall remain at the service address for future customers in the event any customer moves.
  • Customer shall place the receptacle at the edge/curb of the closest public street (not private drive) or at the location determined by the PSA to allow for safe collection for PSA staff and equipment.
  • Receptacles (containers) shall be at the assigned location by 7AM on the scheduled collection day.
  • All garbage in the receptacles shall be bagged.
  • Any garbage/solid waste not placed in the receptacle shall not be picked up/collected.
  • Customer understands and further agrees to not block access to the receptacle on the scheduled collection day by parking any vehicle, trailer, etc.. in front of the receptacle.
  • Containers shall be removed from the collection point in less than 24 hours after collection.
  • Only household trash shall be placed in the container for residential customers and all trash shall be bagged. Customer shall refrain from packing carboard containers or other materials in the can which will prevent for dumping of receptacle.  Any receptacle packed in a manner which prevents dumping shall be returned to the customer for correction and collection the following week.
  • The following items shall not be placed in the receptacles including dumpsters: car parts and tires, furniture and other large items, hazardous or flammable materials, propane or other pressurized tanks, car batteries or other lead-acid batteries, liquids such as paint, solvents, motor oil or drywall mud, construction waste such as carpeting, lumber, drywall, bricks, concrete or dirt, and ashes that have not been thoroughly cooled and soaked with water.
  • All receptacles with lids shall not be overfilled and lids shall be closed.
  • All residential and business 96-gallon receptacles shall be collected one time per week, 6-cy dumpsters shall be collected per the schedule selected on this agreement.
  • Solid waste shall be collected on a normal schedule except for holiday’s which affect the landfill operation hours. On days, such as Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day, when the landfill is not open, the Authority shall communicate to all customers affected by the best means possible any changes in pickup schedule for that week.


Current solid waste collection rates & fees are:

Residential 96-gallon receptable $15; additional can $10
Residential Private Drive Service $30; additional can $15
Commercial/Business 96-gallon receptable $15; additional can $10
1-day per week $75
2-day per week $95
3-day per week $125
4-day per week $160
5-day per week $210
Additional dumpster collection $25
Account deposit for non-water/sewer customers shall be 2-months service cost not to exceed $100
*Replacement of 96-gallon receptacles and 6-cy dumpsters shall be at the cost of the PSA charged to the customer


Questions regarding waste collection shall be directed to office staff by calling (276) 679-1263 or emailing